1000 athletes implicated in state-sponsored doping scandal


Russian flag

More than 1,000 Russian athletes have been implicated as to being involved in a state-sponsored doping programme run or at least involving Russia’s secret service. The final release of the McLaren report implicates four medal winning athletes from the winter olympics in Sochi in 2014 and five from the London summer games in 2012.

The report is the final part of an investigation in to the state-sponsored doping that has been uncovered as being rife in the Russian federation. The report was produced by Professor Richard McLaren who was brought in by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). He’s been quoted as saying that the doping was on “an unprecedented scale”, he’s also stated “There was a cover up that evolved into an institutional and disciplined medal winning strategy”.

The report stated that the system had been improved over its life, and that likely medal winners were protected by a “fail safe” system. The programme ran in more than 30 sports. The system involved the swapping of urine in a very sophisticated and well drilled manner.

The report uncovered more than 1,100 pieces of evidence to back up the claims, but Russia are still denying the claims. It’s unknown how the International Olympic Committee will act against Russia. But it can only be a matter of time before heavy restrictions are placed against the country’s sports stars. Within the eveidence, there were several pieces of evidence that implicated former deputy sports minister Yuri Nagornykh. They detailed conversations between himself and Dr Grigory Rodchenkov who ran Russia’s antidoping lab chief. In the details, it is understoof that the deputy minister had clearly instructed the antidoping lab to cover up the use of performance enhancing drugs by the country’s sports stars.


The sophistication and covering up of the doping, can only really lead to state sponsorship of the doping. The report has produced a website, in which the mountain of evidence can be searched through. Though the details only cover the last four to five years, it is clear from how sophisticated the programme was that it had been running longer than that. It has reminded many of the former East-German regime where doping was also rife on a state-sponsored scale. Fortunately for the sports stars, their names have been removed from the report. But names have been passed to the relevant heads of the sports involved. This is likely to end up in bans and sanctions for the relevant stars.


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