2016 once again sets hottest year record




In a sign of global warming it has been announced that 2016 was the hottest year on record. The record put 2016 as the hottest year by a significant distance. The Copernicus Climate Change Service shared the worrying figures.


The most worrisome changes in weather were in the Arctic, though it wasn’t alone in unusually warm weather. Area’s such as Africa also experienced new record highs. These have also caused droughts and famines and added to the problems in many countries.


The news will do no favours to the climate change deniers. Who continue to claim that climate change is a myth. Chief among these is US President elect Donald Trump, who has consistently ignored scientific evidence to the contrary and denied the existence of climate change, even going as far as threatening to repeal the recent Paris treaty. Whether he carries through this threat can’t be known as yet, but he has been extremely vocal on the subject and has brought in experts from the oil industry to his staff, which may indicate that he’s not exactly the world’s strongest environmentalist. But his position has softened to an extent, and it is hoped that the top scientists can convince him that climate change is not the “hoax” that he has claimed it to be.


The average worldwide temperature was 14.8 degrees celsius, which is 0.2 degrees higher than in 2015, and continues a trend of almost annually setting new records. It means that the temperatures are almost at the ceiling set by the almost 200 nations who signed the agreement in Paris to limit the rise in temperatures since before the industrial revolution. The ceiling was 1.5 degree celsius, these new figures mean we’re now at 1.3 degrees celsius and are catching up to the ceiling quickly.


In many parts of the world storms and wildfires have become more common and are thought to be a side effect of the rise in temperatures. U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization has agreed with the findings from Copernicus, the two units share information and it’s believed that there stats agree with each other on the changes in the weather.


It appears that the time for putting off action on climate change has passed, and that within the next few years countries around the world will need to put their money where their mouth is on climate change, hopefully by then it isn’t too late.


About Joseph Thornton:
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