Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 27


A suicide bomber in the Afghan capital Kabul has killed 27 worshippers, and injured another 35 in a suicide attack at a Shiite mosque in the city. 

It’s thought the attacker entered the Baqir Ul-Ulom mosque in the West of the city and detonated his bomb. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the heinous attack.
Sectarian suicide bombs are fairly uncommon in Afghanistan, and this is seen as a worrying sign of increased tensions in the region between Sunni & Shiite Muslims. It comes in the wake of a deadly attack earlier in the year that killed 80 Shia Muslims, in an attack that whose responsibility was claimed by the so called Islamic state militant group.
It comes a day after the interior ministry conformed that an attempted suicide bomber had been gunned down before being able to set his device off in Badakshan province. It continues Afghanistan’s attempts at cleaning out large swathes of militants from its lands. As repeated attempts are stopped on an almost daily basis.
Afghanistan whilst fairly separate from the main Isis threat does have small pockets of militants in the country, thanks mostly to their close proximity to Pakistan. Militants have been growing numbers in Afghanistan, a country already devastated by years of war. Thankfully for the locals a strong wave of airstrikes from U.S. forces have dwindled their number, though they’ve been making attempts to push their laws on to locals in the region. Indeed without foreign intervention the local police and army would struggle to contain the ever increasing numbers willing to join the Isis cause.
Isis have only muddied the waters further in a country that has a large number of Taliban still in the country along with tribal leadership and a government that struggles to impose it’s will on its people.
The great fear for many is that with anti Muslim sentiment growing in the west. This could only enhance numbers willing to join the Isis cause as they feel more and more excluded in the west. Knowing that they will be welcomed with open arms by Isis.
Indeed the west already has a growing problem of citizens leaving to join the Isis cause. This is where president elect Donald Trump needs to show decisive and inclusive leadership by not alienating his Muslim citizens further. This seems in direct opposition to his current course and his early appointments though.

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