Al-qaida Faction Rejects UN Proposal to Evacuate Fighters from Aleppo in Exchange for Pausing Government Siege


In Syria, Al-Qaida militant faction just rejected a UN envoy’s proposal to evacuate their fighters from the eastern regions of Aleppo. Around two hundred and seventy-five thousand people are currently trapped in the area while a government siege takes place.
A while ago, the ministers in charge of foreign affairs in Spain and Italy had called for emergency action to counter the quickly declining conditions in Aleppo. Thousands of civilians being trapped there still meant nothing less than the area being turned into a human “slaughterhouse”, at least according to General Ban Ki-moon, who is the secretary of UN.
Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, the Foreign minister of Spain, had urged the Security Council of UN to take immediate actions towards finding a solution for the chaos that has ensued in Aleppo.

“A terrible humanitarian tragedy”, at least according to Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s Foreign Minister, the existing conditions in Aleppo has forced him to urge Russia to make Damascus pause its offensive course of action. President Vladimir Putin of Russia is, thus, supposed to visit Istanbul soon.

Currently, the lower house of parliament of Russia has an existing treaty with Syria, allowing the Russian army to stay there as long as it pleases.
Russia also has free access to an airbase now, which it may use as long as it likes. Russia launched an air attack against the terrorist groups in Syria about a year ago, allowing the forces of Assad to gain back important ground. The air attack is supposed to help Syria’s forces counter terrorism.
A naval base of Russia’s also exists in the port of Tartus in Syria.
On Twitter Friday, Fatah al-Sham Front’s Hossam al-Shafai revealed that they plan on shattering the siege that persists in the opposition-held areas in the city.

Previously called the Nusra Front, Fatah al-Sham is on UN’s list of terrorist groups. Hence, the governments of Syria and Russia have been bombing the east of the city for the last few months in an attempt to fight terrorism.

al qaeda nusra front syria mortar north of aleppo

Staffan de Mistura, a UN envoy, had proposed that the nine-hundred fighters in the city leave in exchange for the Syrian and Russian governments pausing their siege. The proposal was denied by the faction’s spokesman.

The crisis, thus, continues.