Amazon announces 100,000 jobs




Amazon has announced plans to hire 100,000 staff in the US. The company is expected to be making a huge investment in to its infrastructure by adding significant numbers of new staff to the internet giant. Part of this is the continued wish from the company to improve their delivery offering. The one thing they’re still not able to compete with the high street on is speed of delivery. The company hopes to reduce that time further by adding new warehouses so it can become more efficient at deliveries.


The company is currently working on 16 new US warehouses, in an effort to enhance their two day delivery offering. The news will be music to the ears of many in the states especially President elect Donald Trump. The news could have hardly come at a better time for the under fire businessman. In a recent press conference he was savaged by the press in a disjointed and awkward performance. But he set his stall out on his business credentials and this investment he will hope will signal the intention of business in the country. He will likely try to take at least some of the credit for the investment due to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos being in attendance at Trump’s tech summit recently. Trump had made his case for supporting the development of technology and is likely to be a friend to the internet giants that were sat around the table.


Amazon is renowned for keeping a tight reign on its profits by making huge investments such as these. But it seems that Mr Bezos sees a different future for the company. The company has recently had several very profitable quarters showing that there has been a distinct change in the culture. Perhaps the shareholders pressure to make profits are finally getting through, so far they’ve taken several years of small dividends due to the company’s often criticised investments. But Amazon now seems ready to slow growth and enjoy some profit from the gargantuan revenues it makes. It seems that this story is going to be a win-win. Shareholders getting good payouts and a large business expansion. This may indeed set Amazon on a steady course to carry on its domination of the world’s retail space.

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