Ban Ki Moon warns of Aleppo atrocities


Syrian flag


Ban Ki Moon the outgoing UN secretary general has raised alarm at human atrocities taking place in the besieged city, the secretary general has asked for all sides to take in to account the human cost of the current seige. This comes as forces allied to under fire Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad are within sight of regaining the city that has been under rebel control for an extended period.


The UN adviser Jan Egeland has warned Syria and Russia that they are “accountable” for any alleged atrocities that take place in the city, which has been the focal point of so much of the coverage of the horrific civil war. Aleppo itself has been decimated, with no more hospitals left in one of Syria’s most populated cities.


Fighting had briefly come to a pause as forces had allowed civilians who wished to leave the chance to do so. But this pause has now ended and the forces have restarted the brutal onslaught. This onslaught is hoped to be the breakthrough that the forces need against the rebels, in what many hope will start to end the brutal civil war. The war which started in 2011 as the government attempted to put down an uprising during the so called “Arab spring”. Many Arab countries were affected, but those have mostly died down, but Syria’s developed in to a civil war that has claimed countless lives and led to accusations of war crimes against the President.


The rebels have lost up to 90% of the territory that they once held in the city, and the government forces have been successful in this offensive that was launched less than a month ago to retake the city.


The city of Aleppo itself has been divided during the fighting with the East being home to the rebel fighters who’ve defended their section of the city for the last four years. It’s thought that the addition of Iranian forces, to the existing Russian and Syrian government forces has finally overpowered the rebels. Who’ve been warned that they will surrender or perish.


This final offensive comes after America and Russia had met in Geneva at the weekend to discuss civilians being able to leave the area. It is believed that the talks weren’t successful as the two countries continue to use the war to further their own political agenda’s. What is certain is that this final offensive will claim even more innocent lives as civilians struggle to get away from the fighting.

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