Black Friday sales set to break record



Black Friday sales in the Uk are expected to set a record for the annual sales spree, with most major retailers who participated claiming it to be an extremely busy sales day.

This is the UK’s third Black Friday, after the idea was imported from the US. where the images of crushed shoppers fighting over cut price goods has become all too common. This has also been imported to the UK. In 2014 the first year it happened there were several instances of low key violence break out around the country as the shoppers scrambled for deals.

It’s thought that this year’s version has been increasingly popular due to its increasing appeal, and also an increase in the amount of retailers taking part. It’s also likely gained appeal as the pound has fallen, many predict prices to rise sharply next year in response to the dramatic fall in the value of sterling. It’s thought that most of this years deals would’ve been bought by the retailers before the potential effects of the “Brexit” referendum would have been felt. So the devaluation in the currency should have little impact on prices at the tills.

As proof of the spending, Barclaycard the leading transaction processing company for card payments in the UK said sales were up 6% on the same day last year. The total spent was £2.9 billion, though not all of that can be attributed to Black Friday sales alone. As they would also be processing their usual daily transactions through their terminals.

The building society Nationwide, said that it’s customers had spent 13% more at this year’s sales against last years.

A large amount of retailers have spread their sales to run for consecutive deals, Amazon the online only retailer had ran deals for several days before the day itself. This was a common trend as retailers tried to spread the load, and maximise sales over a longer period than just the one day spree. Most retailers are carrying their deals into the weekend. Most online sales are ending Monday, on what is known as Cyber Monday. This is the online only event which has also caught on with retailers keen to maximise their online sales.

Customers are being warned against stretching themselves though, especially as UK consumer debt is at an all time high. They’re also being warned to watch out for retailers whose Black Friday prices may be able to be beaten elsewhere.

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