Boris Johnson meets Trump advisers


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British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has been in New York to meet key advisers in President elect Donald Trump’s Presidential team. Boris Johnson met them as part of a wider tour in the US. Johnson had been keen to meet the team face to face, as UK politicians had yet to meet anyone from the Trump camp since his unexpected win in November. Earlier in the day Trump had taken to Twitter to announce that he was looking forward to meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May in the spring. Johnson met with Trump’s son in law Jared Kuchner and Steve Bannon who is a strategist to Trump. it is thought that the meetings were positive.


It is something of an olive branch between the British government and Donald Trump. A row broke out after his election when he inferred that his friend and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage should become an envoy between the two countries. This was soundly rejected by the Prime Minister, mainly because of Farage’s political position against the Tories, and the fact that the position already had someone in it. This had set relations back somewhat, and it is noted that the British government had been highly concerned that Farage had a better relationship with Trump than any other British politician, including those serving in the government. There had also been a row after British Prime Minister Theresa May had noted that Donald Trump’s comments on women were “unacceptable”. She had also noted that Trump had apologised for his previous comments about women.


Boris Johnson is also due to visit Washington D.C. as he intends to make himself known to the bigwigs involved in the future government of the US. Though he will not be able to meet his future opposite number due to rules forbidding it. There is much to discuss between the two countries, as so much of our military presence abroad is based in our relationship with the US. It is likely that Syria will feature highly in the talks, as Britain has supported US efforts to regain peace in the country. There is also likely to be a lot of talk about the current situation with Russia, as the country has been a constant thorn in both the US and the UK’s side for many years.


The UK and the US have a strong bond and it is important for both that it is maintained. Whilst not perhaps the result that was wanted in the UK, the British government will have to learn to work with Trump to produce the best results possible.



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