China complains again regarding Taiwan dealings with the US 


China has once again complained to the highest levels of the United States leadership over a defence bill that will see the US conduct military exchanges with Taiwan. This second complaint in quick succession comes just weeks after Beijing had complained about President elect Donald Trump speaking to the president of Taiwan after winning the presidential election.

The US had agreed for several decades to the controversial “one China” policy. Which meant that the US didn’t treat Taiwan as an individual nation. But in recent years Taiwan has been growing in its pro independence policies, and this has caused friction with Beijing. 

Beijing claims that Taiwan is a region of China, and as such the US is interfering in China’s internal policy. Which it claims is against agreements made between the two countries in the issue of Taiwan. It told the US that the defence contracts that had been signed with Taiwan were not legally binding as Taiwan had no authority sign them. 

They also inferred that the contracts would add to regional problems and that the US were going to disturb the fragile peace in the region. 

This is yet another stab in the ongoing strained relationship between the two super powers. Recent militarisation of areas of the south China Sea had drawn harsh criticism of the regime in Beijing. This was exacerbated last week when a military ship removed a US aquatic vehicle from the seas which are classified as international waters. That situation was seemingly dealt with as China handed back the vehicle this week. But the ongoing patrols and militarisation of the area will only seek to inflame tensions in the region and with the US. 

The ongoing power games are only likely to increase once Donald Trump gets in to the white house. The controversial business man took several swipes at China in his election speeches and is openly against trade with China as he believes it is bad for the US. He openly announced his intention to tax imports from China and claimed their practices were unethical and unfair. He also claimed that it put the US in a weak trading position. It will be interesting to see if Mr Trump can change the USA’s relationship with China. Many will hope that he changes it for the better. 

About Joseph Thornton:
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