Dylann Roof receives death sentence


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Dylann Roof, the shooter in the horrific shooting in a church in Charleston South Carolina has been sentenced to death for the crime which killed nine. Roof will be the first person to be given the death sentence for a hate crime. He was charged with 33 charges of murder and hate crimes.


The sentence was given after three hours of deliberations by the jury in the case. His legal team, which Roof had previously rejected using during sentencing, noted after the sentence their sympathy towards the victims in the case. The family of the killer also released a statement after the sentencing stating that they will always love their son, but struggled to come to terms with his crime. They also expressed sympathy for the families of the victims.


The death penalty was expected. Roof had shown no remorse throughout the trial, and had even noted that it wasn’t worth giving him a life sentence. Until the end Roof maintained his belief in what he did was justified. He had noted his hate of blacks during the trial. It is unknown what caused a man with a stable background and seemingly strong family to go so far off the rails. Roof had immersed himself in a world of racial hatred, this bubbled up to the point that he went out and committed this heinous crime.


It seems that in his actions he wanted to segregate society and was seeking to provoke a race war. He offered little other explanation for the attack and showed little to no remorse. He even took the unusual step of trying to represent himself. His up and down relationship with his counsel in the end probably made little difference to the outcome. His lack of remorse in front of the jury had helped make their minds up for them. He had offered no evidence and called no witnesses whilst acting as his own counsel.


Roof had entered the church and joined in with a bible study group for around 45 minutes before opening fire on the rest of the group. He had waited until the final prayer was taking place, and the rest of the parishioners had their eyes closed. Roof took this opportunity to shoot the 12 others in the group, of this group only three survived to tell the tale. At least now those and the families of those who lost their loved ones can begin to move on with their lives.


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