Fatal shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport


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A gunman in the US has opened fire at Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International airport killing five people. The shooter also injured a further eight people. It appears that the shooter arrived in to the airport on a flight, and had the bag checked in with his luggage. It is claimed that after he reclaimed his baggage, the shooter went in to the airport’s bathrooms then came out shooting after seemingly loading his weapon.


The shooter has been named as Esteban Santiago aged 26. It is unknown currently what his reason for committing the atrocious act was. But he was quickly taken in to custody, with the local police not firing a single shot at him. There is a record for an honourable discharge for an Esteban Santiago from the national guard last year, but it hasn’t been confirmed if this is the same man.


This most recent shooting will bring the gun laws of the country back in to the spotlight. With various mass shootings in recent years, there has been an increase in pressure to at least toughen existing laws within the US. But so far that pressure has failed to make any difference, and has so far been resisted by many who claim gun ownership as a right.


It would have been feared that the attack was a terrorist style attack, but at least in the beginning it appears that isn’t the case. Though the terrorist group have used attacks on airports to devastating efficiency in the past. As they are ideal for housing a large number of people in a small area and also likely having a negative effect on tourism. Police will now investigate fully and hope that the attacker opens up about his motives under questioning. Though it has been noted that he was silent throughout the attack, so whether he talks to police is unknown.


This wouldn’t be the first such attack by a former military employee, several such incidents have occurred in the past, and with the easy access to guns in the US make the incidents much likelier than anywhere else in the world. The personnel are also well trained and in some cases have strong personal problems that cause them to kill. This tragically may be again one of those occasions.


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