First Woman US Attorney General Dies at Age 78


The first woman US attorney general, Janet Reno, has died. She was 78 and died due to some complications connected to Parkinson’s disease, Gabrielle D’Alemerte-her goddaughter- informed. She also said that Reno had spent the last few days of her life at her home in Miami, surrounded by her friends and family members.


Under President Bill Clinton, Janet Reno served as the attorney general for almost 8 years, which was the longest anyone had stayed in that office in that century.

Janet Reno proved to be one of the administration’s most known faces. But she did face much backlash very early in her tenure. This was because of the raid that took place in the Branch Davidian compound. The raid at the compound in Waco, Texas, proved deadly and David Koresh, sect leader, and a lot of his followers died during it.

Her deliberations were known to be public, slow and blunt. She was also known to borrow President Harry S Truman’s mantra frequently. “The buck stops with me”, she would say.

It did not stop at Waco, though. Reno quickly became involved in the scandals and controversies that surrounded Clinton and his administration. Some of them include Filegate, Whitewater, the FBI laboratory bungling business, nuclear spying of the Chinese, Monica Lewinsky and the questionable Clinton-Gore re-election campaign financing in the year 1996.

Reno also managed to enrage the Cuban-American population of her own hometown by authorizing the seizure of Elian Gonzalez. The seizure was armed and Gonzalez was then a five-year-old. He was taken from the home of his Miami relatives in Little Havana. He was to be taken to Cuba and returned to his father.

When Janet Reno returned from Washington and to Florida, she also ran for the governor of Florida in the year 2002. She lost in the Democratic primary that was punctuated by voting problems. That campaign marked the end of a long public career.