Former USA gymnastics coach arrested





Ex USA gymnastics coach Larry Nassar has been arrested, this comes after he is already facing charges of sexual assault. Just last month the doctor was charged with first degree sexual conduct with a minor believed to be under the age of 13.


Recently it is believed that as many as fifty women have come forward with similar allegations of sexual misconduct. Though police believe that this may just be the tip of a very deep iceberg as the doctor has been practicing for decades, and according to the allegations has been active in wrongdoing for most of that time.


It’s not Nassar’s first brush with the law, in 2014 he was investigated and cleared by Michigan State University, after a student alleged that Nassar had sexually assaulted her during a routine examination into a hip problem.


Since then several further allegations have come to light and Mr Nassar has now been fired by the university. He is also no longer involved in the set up at USA gymnastics. But he was for four olympic games, and is implicated as being part of a larger scandal involving USA gymnastics and the allegation that they’ve turned a blind eye to the likes of Nassar among others. He worked there for 29 years and left in 2015 under a cloud of suspicion.


Mr Nassar has been described by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette as a “Predator” and had described how his office is now involved in multiple investigations regarding the doctor, and that more than one agency is involved in trying to gain convictions against him. If found guilty of the charges, he will likely face the rest of his life in jail.


It appears that the most recent investigations are linked to conduct within his own home in Holt Michigan. The victim is said to be a child who was under 13 at the time and AG Schuette said the victim was “just a child”.


It is hoped that the Michigan State University police department can finish their investigations quickly, though with quite a number of allegations to work through this may take some time. What seems certain is that there will be numerous more victims who come forward emboldened by others taking the lead. It is just hoped that by coming to the surface, this can be avoided happening again in the future.


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