Haiti Struggles to Recover from the Disaster Hurricane Matthew Left in its Wake


It’s been almost four days since the Hurricane Matthew shattered through Haiti, leaving a devastating trail in its wake, killing hundreds and leaving a lot more without homes and quite helpless.


While reports in the UN assumes the death toll be around two hundred and seventy-one, certain news agencies claim that the toll is close to nine-hundred, and quickly rising.

Officials claim that one may never fully know the exact death toll. Those living in the Haitian villages have already begun the tedious process of burying the dead and rebuilding lost homes.


The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has claimed that over seven-hundred and fifty thousand people in Haiti, which is one of the most wretched countries in the Western Hemisphere, are in need of immediate help. Out of the 10.3 million people living in the country, over a million have been affected by the hurricane.

But what is even more worrying is reports of an outbreak of cholera, which is often fatal and a highly infectious disease. It spreads easily through water supplies and is a bacterial disease that affects the small intestine. Haiti had already been having trouble recovering from a previous outbreak of cholera after a powerful earthquake hit the country in the year 2010. Another full-blown outbreak at this moment could spell disaster.

Meanwhile, the hurricane relief providers have already been having trouble reaching the remote parts of the country. The storm seems to have shattered a bridge, cutting off the areas to the west of Haiti from the rest of the country.
Water supplies in multiple homes have already broken down and people are having trouble accessing clean water. The sources of water in some regions have already been contaminated.

Haiti is one of the countries that face most deforestation in the world. This leaves it vulnerable to storms and landslides in its more hilly areas. The areas that have been hit most terribly are ones where the locals live in houses of mud and even wood.


Meanwhile, the healthcare facilities of the country have also been severely affected. In many regions, over 80% of food crops have been completely destroyed.

While Haiti had been struggling to recover from one of the most terrible droughts in half a century, the storm came and destroyed hopes of a good harvest this year. A lot of people have lost homes and have no money to start rebuilding anything, causing worried officials to comment that Haiti will have serious trouble recovering from the disaster that the monster of a storm left in its wake.