Heathrow third runway expansion approved by UK government


The London Heathrow Airport was one of the busiest airports since its opening and remains the sixth busiest airport in the world today. For many years now, the plans to open a 3rd runway at the airport have been debated.

The UK government approved the opening of the 3rd runway today to expand the capacity of the airport today. The decision was approved today in a cabinet committee meeting on Tuesday.

The Transport secretary Chris Grayling said that a third runway would help create jobs and enhance trade. The newly appointed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that the third runway would be ‘undeliverable’; he has opposed the idea of a third runway in the past.

The decision has received lukewarm response from politicians. Many doubt whether the construction would ever begin. London’s Mayor Saidq Khan, along with the chief for Greenpeace in the UK John Sauven both expressed that this was a wrong decision that was going to be a waste of resources.

The decision was received enthusiastically however, by a variety of unions and business as well as the management at Heathrow. The management was confident on their ability to deliver a third runway and that the runway would lend a hand for the economic expansion of the UK.

The business world reacted to the news by saying that the additional runway was ‘absolutely vital for Britain’.

The expansion of the airport has been an issue that governments have avoided for many years due to its controversial nature. It has been a development businesses have favoured since the beginning but has attracted opposition from MPs whose constituencies are near the airport.

The new runway has been opposed due to the effects it would have on the villages in its flight path. Environmental and financial effects have been termed as ‘catastrophic’.

The green light for the Heathrow construction comes at the heels of recent projects which were approved by the government, including the 14 billion pound Hinckley Point nuclear plant.