Horrific attack on Facebook live




Four people have been charged for hate crimes in the US state of Chicago after they forced a disabled man to drink from a toilet and beat him, all while broadcasting the horrific attack live on social network Facebook’s live service. The hate crimes were racially motivated on the disabled white man. The group of 4 black people were heard to use racist language whilst carrying out the ordeal which is said to have lasted for several hours. There were also several references to President elect Donald Trump.


The four attackers were also charged with several offences including battery and burglary. The attack only came to light for Chicago police after they picked up the 18 year old man. He was walking the street in a disorientated state. Police have stated that the man has been traumatised by the incident, and it has proven tough for the police to question the man due to his current state after the attack.


It appears that the victim was at the same school as one of his attackers, and went with them voluntarily. During the prolonged attack he had his hands tied together for several hours and his mouth was taped shut. An excerpt of the video has been made available to local media outlets, and the clip has been widely described as disgusting.


The attack appears to be well planned, as the victim met with one of the attackers openly and thought that they were going to be holding a “sleepover”. It appears then that the victim was driven around in a van for a few days before being taken back to a property belonging to one of the attackers. It is believed that the victim managed to escape when a door was left open, he was found later by police who saw his disorientated in the street.


It isn’t clear exactly what the attackers had hoped to gain from the ordeal. One idea being framed is that it was an attempt at a kidnapping that went wrong. Whatever the cause, the incident is likely to provoke much outrage in America. The country’s ethnic divides have been opened up in the last year by the presidential election and from several police shootings of black suspects. This latest incident is hardly likely to improve things greatly, and with unity being at a low it is hardly a good time in America’s history for an incident like this to happen.

About Joseph Thornton:
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