Hurricane Matthew Kills 3 in Florida


Hurricane Matthew continues to claim lives and wreak havoc wherever it goes and has now hit the coast of Florida. The death toll is currently at 3 and shall probably continue to rise.
The storm battered against the coasts of Florida and brought with it really strong winds, a devastating amount of rain and the potential to cause absolute disaster. One million people have already been left without power in Florida. Officials keep warning people to not go out and try and find shelter against the raging storm outside.


The storm, as mentioned earlier, has already laid claim to three lives. Two of them died because medics could not get to them in time because of the storm’s powerful winds. One of them was a woman, in her fifties, who suffered a cardiac arrest and had already died by the time the emergency medical services could reach her. A few hours later, in the county of St. Lucie, reports of an unconscious man with breathing difficulty came in, but, again, the storms kept emergency services from reaching him in time and, after being taken to the hospital, was declared dead.

The third person to die because of the Hurricane Matthew in Florida was a woman in the county of Volusia. A falling tree killed her when she went out to give food to her pets. She was in her sixties.


Meteorologists have claimed that no Atlantic storm has before continued to pack such powerful winds for such a long period of time. There is also reason to fear that along with the catastrophically powerful winds, torrential rains up to 15 inches might be expected, leading to disastrous floods.

Officials had before tried to get people to evacuate places like Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. They had also asked people near the coastal areas to head inland. But now that the storm has hit, it is already too late for the people of Florida and they are being urged to stay indoors and not go outside at any cost.


In the morning, President Obama had urged the residents of Florida to pay attention to the local officials and stay safe.

While property can be replaced, he said, lives cannot.