I Have Great Confidence In Trump


Trump peace signSo says Japanese Pm Shinzo Abe. In the press conference following a 90 minute meeting between himself and the president elect at Trump Tower in New York. He said that the meeting as “candid” and described it as having a “warm atmosphere” after what many describe as an extremely divisive campaign, especially when it comes to foreign diplomacy. Mr Trump was keen to have his first face to face meeting with a world leader and Mr Abe was an ideal opportunity to prove himself.

Seen to be at odds with each other politically, this meeting is seen as very important for Trump, who’s yet to convince many of his ability to deal with delicate foreign affair matters.

Whilst Trump opposes the trans-pacific partnership deal and plans to scrap it, Mr Abe is a strong supporter of it. Indeed Trump has hinted that Japan should be paying more to keep US troops in its country, and be more responsible for its own security in the region.

Mr Abe had chosen to visit Trump Tower after calling the president elect to congratulate him on his victory. Whilst there he also met Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband.

The idea of Ivanka becoming an envoy to Japan has also been widely discussed as many see her as the key to her father’s stunning victory.

Since his election victory Trump has been speaking to many of the world’s leaders in order to start to develop his foreign policy, whilst there he’s also selecting his team to join him at the white house.

One world leader he’s yet to meet is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been holding meetings with outgoing US president Barack Obama. He’s on his final foreign mission as president, and has been speaking of his opinions on Europe’s relationship with Russia. He’s also hinted that his successor should continue the US’s hard-line with Russia, and not be pushed in to dropping sanctions with them.

The US’s relationships with both Germany & Russia are likely to change, with Mr Trump taking aim at Germany’s decision to allow a large influx of refugees in from the middle east. Whilst cooling tensions, and taking a softer approach with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Whilst yet to meet, it’s only a matter of time before the two men meet. The world watches with baited breath on the outcome of any meeting between the two, but it is hoped that they can draw the conflict in Syria to a fast conclusion.

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