Investigators look in to Netanyahu gifts




Under fire Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being investigated by the police for gifts he has been said to receive whilst serving as the country’s Prime minister. It is believed that the Prime minister was questioned by police in relation to benefits that it’s believed that he has received.


The news will only add pressure on to the Prime minister, who in recent weeks has seen significant US support fall away in spectacular fashion at the United Nations. The US sensationally failed to veto a UN resolution against the country for its continued programme of illegal settlement building. This lead to a diplomatic fall out with outgoing US President Barack Obama. Though his successor has stepped in to the fray to promise to bring US assistance back to the country. In response Netanyahu has turned inwardly and accused the US and the wider world of being against them.


The police have not released any details, but the fact that he was questioned will certainly indicate that there is some feeling that there has been wrongdoing. Whilst it is unheard of for a Prime minister to be brought in for questioning, Netanyahu’s predecessor Ehud Olmert is currently serving a prison sentence for breach of trust and bribery. Due to his controversial nature interest will be significant from the political elites from around the world as to what happens to the Prime minister. He is due to become Israel’s longest serving Prime minister next year, but if the claims hold any water then he may have to put any celebrations on ice.


Attorney general Avichai Mandelblit stated “The nature of the investigation precludes us at this stage from giving details of the ongoing investigation but we will consider releasing more information from time to time according to developments,” though he did concede that the investigation started around three months ago.


Netanyahu has remained staunch in his self defence proclaiming “Wait with the celebrations, don’t rush,” He also added “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again: there will be nothing because there is nothing.”


The claims relate to supposedly improper gifts that Netanyahu is alleged to have received from foreign dignitaries. No stranger to controversy, Netanyahu has been investigated before in to a potential misuse of public funds, and though found not guilty, many aren’t convinced of his integrity. It would be most unlucky if two former Prime ministers were in jail at the same time, and if what is though to be the case indeed is, then that may just happen.





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