ISIS car bomb kills 24 in Baghdad


wp-1480251262811.jpgThe terrorist group Islamic state has killed 24 people outside of Baghdad, the bomb was part of a larger series of attacks in the country. The attacks were also carried out against police stations in Samarra. The attacks on the police stations were said to be carried out by attackers wearing suicide vests who managed to take over the local police station. Security forces later managed to regain control of the police stations.


The increase in attacks in the country are in retaliation to Iraqi forces making gains against ISIS in the country, to the point where they have almost driven the terrorist group from the country. Though in recent days Iraq has paid a heavy price for its military gains. They’ve been supported by the US in their efforts. They’ve pushed the militants back in the northern city of Mosul and are close to retaking the city.


“The terrorists will attempt to attack civilians in order to make up for their losses, but we assure the Iraqi people and the world that we are able to end terrorism and shorten its life,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a press conference.


Islamic state had claimed that the attacks were in retaliation to two air strikes on ISIS run medical facilities in East Mosul. An area that is under ISIS control. They claimed that civilians were killed by the strikes. They also claimed to be attacking Sh’ite Muslim targets, as they consider them to be apostates and enemies.


The intense fighting is highly likely to continue as Iraq attempts to end the incursion by the terrorist group. Islamic state are now being pushed back on many fronts, and the world is desperate to rid itself of the scourge of the group which has carried out terrorist attacks all over the globe in an attempt to create an area in the middle east that is owned by them. It is hoped that the fighting on all of their fronts will now see the end of the group.


Indeed with Russian backed Syrian forces coming around the table to discuss a political settlement with the rebels, they will now have the capability and the focus to finally drive ISIS from their lands, and if one good thing an come out of the horrific civil war in Syria then hopefully it is the end of ISIS.


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