Islamic state claims Syria bomb responsibility


Syrian flag


Islamic state has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in the Syrian city of Tartous that is said to have claimed the lives of two local security officers. The group claimed that they used two car bombs to carry out the attacks.


These new attacks come just a day after a shooting in a nightclub in Istanbul in Turkey. The shooting which has so far claimed the lives of 39 people who were in the club for new year celebrations. The shooter is still on the run, and there’s a countrywide manhunt taking place in Turkey.


These latest attacks are part of a busy period of attacks by the group, which is under heavy attack in its strongholds in Syria. The group has used its significant media connections to try and inspire followers to take up arms and kill in Europe and Turkey. In Europe the attacks are meant to be against Christian’s celebrating Christmas, though there has been no more attacks since the truck attack at a Berlin Christmas market in December that claimed the lives of 12 people.


The attacks on Turkey have been coming thick and fast, and are designed to attack the tourism industry in the country. By attacking Istanbul airport last year and now a nightclub it seems that Turkey’s biggest industry is a perfect target for the terrorist organisation. Though it has been noted by many media agencies operating in the country that there were over 17,000 police officers on duty in Istanbul on new year’s eve. The failure to stop the incident will be seen as a failure of the security services. Though they struggle to contain these types of attacks and that is exactly why ISIS prefer them. One man on his own is almost impossible to stop, and in a country as large as Turkey, a manhunt is going to be next to impossible to carry out.


ISIS also targets Turkey due to its continued military intervention in Syria, where they’ve been attacking the militant group along with other Syrian government forces. These attacks have been working, and ISIS are being driven back in the country. These attacks are seen as something of a desperate attempt to kick Turkey where it hurts. The senior politicians in Turkey have vowed to eradicate terrorism, but it seems that this will be next to impossible in a massive country that shares a border with one of ISIS’s strongholds in Syria. Patience is wearing thin with the country’s civilians, tired of being attacked they’re beginning to turn on the government insisting that they stop it. Though the will is there to stop it, the know how is sadly missing.

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