Kardashian driver arrested


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Kim Kardashian’s driver is one of seventeen people who’ve been arrested for the theft of around ten million dollars worth of jewellery from the star. The arrests were part of a coordinated effort to bring the gang to justice, and there were several raids in locations in various parts of France.


The star had been in Paris for the fashion week. It appears that her chauffeur had passed on details tipping off the gang as to the security arrangements of the star. The gang used a cover of pretending to be police when they managed to storm the room. Once in they proceeded to tie up the star. Once incapacitated they proceeded to steal the millions of dollars worth of jewellery, escaping on bicycles in to the night.


The robbery made headlines around the world, mostly due to the popularity of the reality TV star. She is married to Kanye West, one of the world’s most famous musicians, she is also famous in her own right for her appearances in a reality TV show with her family. The star had described how she thought that she would be killed by the gang. Though it is now obvious that they only intended to rob her of the jewellery in her possession.


It has been a tough year for Kardashian. The robbery, and the later episode of her husband being taken to hospital have caused unwanted media intrusion in to their lives. Whilst many will claim that they invite the media in to their lives, they will claim that they still have a right to a private life. Though it appears the willingness of Kardashian to take photos of her life may have caused the problem. She had posted several photos of the jewellery before the robbery to her extremely popular instagram account. Though it also appears that there was little security considering how high profile she is. This lack of security was abused succinctly by the criminals.


The star will now hope to be able to put the episode behind her now that it appears the gang have all been arrested. It is almost certain that those advisors around her will be more careful to arrange her security in the future. For now at least they can rest easy that the perpetrators have been arrested.


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