Kidnapped girl located after 18 years





An 18 year old from South Carolina has been discovered to have been kidnapped as a baby. The startling case came about after a tip off to Police about the teen. The teen named as Kamiyah Mobley was found living with the woman that for all her life she believed was her mother. As it turns out, the woman is actually the kidnapper that took her from her mother’s arms.


The woman has been named as Gloria Williams. In July 1998 Williams had managed to slip in and out of the hospital while disguised as a nurse. This week Williams was charged with the Kidnap of Miss Mobley. Williams is now under threat of being extradited to Florida, where the kidnap took place 18 years ago.


Authorities have stated that Miss Mobley is taking the news as well as can be expected. It appears that she was aware of the possibility that she wasn’t the biological child of who she thought was her mother. But the news must still come as a huge shock. It is understood that the discovery was confirmed via a DNA test.


It now turns out that Miss Mobley’s biological mother Shanara had been helped by the woman who she believed was a nurse. Handing her the child to put in a baby carrier, but the woman proceeded to leave with the newborn. Shanara Mobley then went on to be interviewed on television, where she begged the kidnapper to return her child. The news hit the headlines at the time and sparked a local search of the area around the hospital, but the girl was not found. At the time Shanara Mobley was awarded $1.5m from her case against the hospital, but never found her newborn.


Miss Mobley now faces the excruciating realisation that her mother for 18 years was actually her kidnapper. There has been no talk of a reunion so far with her biological mother Shanara. Authorities are leaving Miss Mobley to decide on her future as she is an adult. What is for certain is that she faces an uncertain future after having her world turned upside down with horrific revelations about the woman who cared for her since she was a baby.


It now appears that there were over 2000 tip offs in the case, and it will be hard for authorities to disguise the fact that perhaps Miss Mobley should have been located earlier. But according to those who knew them, there was little to ever make people think that Miss Mobley had been kidnapped. This it seems is how the ruse lasted quite so long.

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