Legendary singer George Michael dies aged 53


Legendary musician George Michael has passed away peacefully at home at the age of 53. The star born as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou had an astonishing career. His initial success came in partnership with his friend Andrew Ridgeley forming the band Wham! The group went on to score several hits eventually breaking up in 1986 as the outstanding singer was to begin an equally impressive solo career. 

This career began with a flourish as his first album faith went on to sell 25 million copies worldwide. After his second album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 Michael became embroiled in a long running battle with Sony records. This battle eventually saw the star leave the record company and start again elsewhere. It was this period that also brought him great success. His first release was Jesus to a child in 1994, written in honour of his deceased partner Anselmo Feleppa who passed away the year before. 

This wave of peaks and troughs was very much a hallmark of the great man’s life. It seems that his worst downs made him produce his best work. It is his tragedy that he had to experience the pain in order to produce his best. 

Of the troughs there were many, with the loss of his partner Anselmo Feleppa who it was believed was his first homosexual partner to the death of his mother. This coupled with his brushes with the law ensured that the entertainer was never far from the intense gaze of the news media. Indeed it’s only in the last few years that he has gained the solace that he truly wanted. 

The singer’s family have asked for privacy at this time, as they lay the singer to rest. It is going to be tough for his legions of fans, who will wish to celebrate the life and work of a sometimes controversial, but always talented artist. The world of music has lost one of its favourite sons and there is certain to be an outpouring of emotion from fellow entertainment stars in the coming days. It is also unknown what the cause of Mr Michael’s passing was, and it’s certain that it will be in the media before long, as the singer’s untimely passing has caught all by surprise. 

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