May asked to silence advisors


Westminster at night

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned by senior conservative minsters that she needs to reign in the activities of her senior advisers. The advisers in question, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy are the Prime Ministers joint chiefs of staff, and their controversial behaviour has upset ministers who have now had enough of them.


It is believed that they have been making significant political point scoring out of the purported fall out between the Prime Minister and her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. While several ministers have insisted there is no such fallout, and that the blame for any potential misunderstanding of the facts is due to the constant interfering by the pair. Who’s behaviour has been described as though they were “deputy prime ministers”.


Mrs May met with her Foreign Secretary in private this week to discuss the former London mayor’s comments about Britain’s wealthy trading partner Saudi Arabia. The former mayor had noted that he blamed Saudi Arabia for being involved in “proxy wars” in the middle east, and that politicians within the regime were unable to look past their religious beliefs in order to push the country forward. What was said is unclear, but it certainly would have involved Mr Johnson eating a large portion of humble pie during his visit to the country this weekend.


As for the advisers, many ministers had complained of being briefed against, and others have claimed to be frozen out, and unable to gain access to the Prime Minister. It has been noted that instructions are being issued from the pair, and not coming forward as official policy. The ministers feel that their power within government is unconstitutional especially as they aren’t members of parliament who have been voted in to power democratically.


These only add to troubled times for the Prime Minister, who took the reigns after former Prime Minister David Cameron resigned after losing the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. Her own position was smoothed through due to opponents falling in to line behind her. The pressure to try and unite the party and try and then make “Brexit” happen will have caused severe pressure for the Maidenhead MP. This further public scrutiny of the inner workings of her cabinet may force Mrs May to indeed sack the pair, to show more than anything that she is actually in control in the corridors of power in Westminster.



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