May supports Iran nuclear deal


Iran flag


The British Prime Minister Theresa May has spoken about being “clear eyed” about any threat from Iran, but has reaffirmed her commitment that a nuclear deal with the regime is necessary. This will certainly undermine her position in the mind of Donald Trump, the President elect has slammed potential deals with the Iranians. He has previously described the deal as “catastrophic” and had promised to kill the deal in order to prevent the Iranians from building nuclear weapons.

But Theresa May has asserted that the deal has taken away the possibility of Iran acquiring weapons for the long term. She also asserted that countries who fuel regional instability must be confronted. It is felt that she was referring to Iran’s position in the region, as a country which supports actions in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and the Yemen. They’ve been known in recent times to send fighters to the war in Syria. It’s also thought that they’ve been providing support to the ongoing conflict in the Yemen.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani said he would prevent President elect Trump from destroying any deal. It came as John Brennan the CIA director had been critical of Trump’s comments and suggested that killing the deal would only lead to a larger proliferation of weapons in the middle east. But Mrs May’s position to the President elect is thought to be much softer, though they would disagree on this particular deal. She noted that she found Trump to be “very easy to talk to”. Indeed Trump’s British heritage and business interests mean that at the very least he’s going to be interested in maintaining good relations with the UK.

The main points of the deal mean that Iran will have to downsize its nuclear programme, this will mean punitive sanctions being lifted against the regime. The deal concerns several other countries including China, France and Russia. It’s hoped that the deal may reduce some tensions in the middle east, as Iran’s aggressive programme of nuclear production causes a lot of nervousness in the middle east.

In real terms it will ensure that Iran’s stockpile of Uranium will be reduced by 98% for 15 years. It will also inhibit their ability to produce weapons grade Plutonium. The country has worked hard to ensure that it is sticking to the rules as sanctions have been devastating to the state. By January Iran had already significantly reduced its level of centrifuges. It’s hoped that this will ensure stability for the troubled region, and that Donald Trump indeed sticks with any agreement put in place.


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