Melbourne terror attack foiled


Australia by satellite


Police in Melbourne have announced that they’ve stopped a plot that was intended to kill civilians in a series of bombs on Christmas day. Seven men have been arrested after police had uncovered the plot which included attacks at Melbourne’s tourist hubs at Flinders st station and St Paul’s cathedral. According to sources police had been watching the would-be perpetrators for some time, and swooped once they became aware of the possibility of an imminent attack. The seven were arrested in raids on several addresses in the city.


Like the Berlin attack it is unknown at this point as to whether the men were directly connected to ISIS or indeed were just inspired by the fanatical terrorist group. ISIS are yet to try and claim responsibility for any attempted attack in the city.


Security continues to be high in many Christian countries as we move towards Christmas weekend. ISIS have stepped up attempts to attack on the symbolic day, and this is yet another attempt to do so. Just days after the Berlin truck attack, this is yet another attempt to take the lives of innocent Christians. Though in the case of the Berlin attack the suspect is yet to be apprehended, the police have released details of the man that they’re looking for in connection with the attack.


Security services will be on high alert into the weekend as it seems almost certain that ISIS or at least those inspired and or linked to the group will try and kill again. Christmas provides a strong symbolism in the war with ISIS, as they believe that the best way to harness recruits is to create distance between racial groups, especially in the west. This has proved to be successful as the west has turned right politically, ISIS have been growing in numbers, and certainly in attacking capability. The group now pose a large risk to Christians, as they seek to try and turn those Christians against Muslims within their populations. It has worked to a large extent, with America voting in a President who was openly against immigration from Muslim countries.


The growing discontent between Christianity and Islam in the west will only be heightened, it will take the moderates of both persuasions to ensure that eyes are opened and that only in working together will terrorism be brought to an end. The only hope is that cool heads prevail.


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