Merkel states that Islamic terrorism is Germany’s biggest test


Angela Merkel


In a speech, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that Islamic terrorism is Germany’s biggest test. The leader, who is running for a fourth term as German Chancellor has previously stayed away from the subject, as she’s been a vocal supporter of her Christian values and has supported giving much assistance to Muslims in danger, especially from Syria.


The speech’s content will draw ire from many who will claim that the country didn’t have an issue with terrorism until a large influx of Muslim refugees entered the country on her say so. Particular attention has been paid to comments from Alternative for Germany (AfD. Who it is believed have been making significant inroads in to the election.


As Europe and the wider west appears to be taking a turn to the right of politics, Germany has so far stayed to the left. Though in the face of a large influx of refugees and the recent terror attack in Berlin at a Christmas market that killed 12 people, it is unknown as yet how damaged Mrs Merkel will be. Polls suggest that she is comfortably on course for the historic fourth term, but in recent times it is increasingly clear that polls aren’t exactly accurate.


Mrs Merkel stated that she was going to make significant security reforms in order to make the country more secure. In the light of ISIS clearly making threats around Christmas events, many will feel that Germany simply should have been more prepared. Luckily for Germany the killer was killed in a routine stop in Milan a few days after the incident. But it is worrying to many that he managed to not only flee the scene but also the country. As divisions in Europe split even further, there may be increased talk of putting checkpoints back in to practice. In recent years the Schengen zone has increased significantly, this has allowed terrorists to move freely for years, and is a big concern for many a eurozone country.


What is clear is that Mrs Merkel is likely to at least have a significant cut in her majority, mostly fueled by anti-refugee feeling. It seems unlikely that she will lose power completely, but she may well be handed quite the bloody nose come polling day.

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