Michelle Obama gives passionate speech against Trump’s comments regarding women.


The first Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama was in New Hampshire on Thursday, making another campaign stop for Hillary Clinton. This was the first time Mrs. Obama spoke publicly after the release of a tape from 2005, in which Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump made comments about grabbing women by the genitals and getting away with it because he was a ‘star’, and about trying to seduce married women.

Michelle Obama began her speech by addressing the controversy and said that it would be dishonest and disingenuous for her to not talk about it and just move on with politics as usual, because according to her this wasn’t politics as usual and wasn’t something that could be swept under the carpet. She said that the comments had shaken her to her very core and she had thought about them repeatedly.

She expressed disbelief at the fact that she was referring to someone who was a nominee to become president of the United States. Mrs. Obama refrained from mentioning Trump by name but remarked that it was time for not only Democrats but also Republicans to condemn his behaviour strongly as it set an example for the children of the nation. She also added that the contents of the video were so demeaning to women and so disrespectful that she couldn’t repeat them. She remarked that the video exposed the fact that women who should be treated with dignity and respect are not always treated that way.

Her speech has been appreciated in the same way her speech from July at the Democratic National Convention was appreciated. Her words of criticism come at a time for the Trump campaign when they are embroiled in controversy and scrutiny.

After the release of the video a few women have come forward stating that Donald Trump touched them in an inappropriate manner. Trump, who apologised for the video and called the comments ‘locker room talk’, has denied the allegations.

Mrs Obama dismissed Trump’s explanation of calling the remarks ‘locker room talk’, by stating that calling them so was an insult to decent men everywhere. She mentioned that Strong men don’t need to put women down in order to feel powerful. She urged the voters to vote for Hillary stating that the stakes were very high, in what she referred to as a ‘negative’ and ‘rough’ election cycle.

Secretary Hillary Clinton thanked Mrs. Obama via twitter stating she was in ‘awe’ of the first lady’s remarks. Her campaign also asked supporters via messages to donate money to help fight for women.