Numerous migrants feared dead in the Mediterranean




Several migrants are feared to be dead in the Mediterranean after 13 bodies were found in the sea off of the coast of Libya by the Italian coastguard. The survivors of the overturned boat claim that there were over 100 people on the boat. The coastguards of Italy and France had reported that they had saved over 700 people in the previous 24 hours.


These figures show that there is still a desperate movement of people from war torn countries in North Africa and the Middle east. It appears that the destination of most of these migrants is mainland Europe. The security of escaping the war zones has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to attempt the perilous journey’s. Often these journey’s are undertaken on dangerous and poorly constructed boats. They are often loaded way beyond their capabilities, and that is why there is almost constant assistance in the area as boats continuously get in to difficulties in the dangerous waters.


Dangerously low temperatures in mainland Europe haven’t helped matters in recent days, and this may also account for more people trying the dangerous journey, as they attempt to find shelter before they succumb to the perilous winter weather that is currently engulfing much of mainland Europe.


Last year 181,000 migrants travelled by boat from North Africa to mainland Europe this was mostly facilitated by people traffickers in Libya who have made a killing from the journeys. It is believed that these moves had claimed the lives of over 5,000 people desperate to make it to safety but paying the ultimate price.


Italy and Greece have tried to help as much as they can. They’ve provided emergency shelter to the thousands of refugees currently making their way through the countries. Though they are almost certainly fighting a losing battle as the weather has been extreme even for a European winter. The continued flow of refugees from the war zones of Libya and Syria continue to cause a problems in southern Europe. With cessations or at least reductions in the civil war in Syria it will be hoped that the flow at least slows down, as Europe is still coming to terms with the large influx of refugees.


Fortunately for many of them they ended up in Germany. The country more or less opened its doors to refugees suffering in Syria. Though they have now slowed this down it must be noted that they’ve done way more than any other nation to help. Perhaps its an example other countries could learn from in the coming years as the movement of people slows, but almost certainly continues.

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