Police shooting in Hull





police-1665104_640It has been confirmed by the Independent police complaints commision that this evening an officer from Humberside police force has shot a suspect. It’s now been widely reported that the suspect has later died from his injuries. The incident was reported to Humberside police at around 09:20am (GMT) and armed officers were dispatched to the scene at Holderness road in Hull, after it was reported that the suspect had an axe in his possesion. According to Humberside polices website the man was wounded an 09:37am (GMT) and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect was 31 years of age, and white, but no further personal details have been given about him. Only that his family have been informed of his death.

Police have reported that several shots were fired at the suspect, and that in addition a taser was also shot at him. It appears that armed police were dispatched after an emergency call. Afterwards Humberside police have also noted that they believe the man was the only suspect and are not looking for anyone else in relation to the incident.

The IPCC have now opened an investigation after it emerged that the suspect had later died from his injuries. It’s also believed that the IPCC were overseeing the forensic work at the scene. They will be looking to ensure that officers worked within the stringent framework of weapons use. They will also ensure that the police response was relevant and proportianate to the reported crime.

Witnesses describe a scene of carnage, and that the suspect was shot twice. One eyewitness said that several police officers were around the suspect after he was shot, and that he kept trying to get up but was unable to do so due to his extensive injuries from the two gunshots that he had received.

Due to strict gun control laws in the UK fatal shooting incidents are a releatively rare occurence, when armed police are involved it is often consequently investigated by the IPCC. This will again reignite a discussion on the rising use of weapons by the police in the UK. With armed police becomming less of a rarity, many fear that more visible guns on the street can actually only lead to more gun related violence.

On their website the IPCC state “The IPCC is keen to speak to any witnesses to police engagement with the man this morning. Witnesses can contact the IPCC on 0800 096 9071 or email witness@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

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