Republican Supporters Start Abandoning Ship as Trump’s Campaign Tries to Deal With the Release of New Video


On the eve of the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the world watched as major chaos ensued after the release of recordings from the year 2005 where Donald Trump spoke in the most degrading and obnoxious terms about women. He also jovially mentioned his attempts at sexually harassing women and encouraged the same in the said recordings.


Donald Trump did try to fix the situation by formally apologising to everyone about his comments and agreed that he shouldn’t have said what he did. But critics have gone on to say that his apology was not really one and that he did not seem very sorry. Instead, he went on to attack the Clintons in the same speech.

Right now, Presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to be hiding behind a close-knit group of advisers. Most of his election staff and his supporters seem to have been left in the dark. None of the staff has received advice of yet as to how they are expected to handle the growing controversy.

A quickly growing list shows that a lot of Republican officeholders who had previously supported him are abandoning ship. A lot of them have urged him to back out of the race to save face.


His current adviser and former GOP rival Ben Carson does not seem very satisfied with his behaviour in the released video either. He thinks that it was quite an unacceptable thing to do, especially by someone who is trying to win the Presidential seat.

John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, has claimed that he will not support Trump at all. While Kasich did say that it is not because of the video that he is withdrawing support, but because he cannot possibly support someone whose behaviour reflects so badly on the image of the country.

With that, Kasich became the second Republican Governor to withdraw their support for Donald Trump. Governor Gary Herbert of Utah did do the same last Friday.

Senate candidate Joe Heck has been calling for Trump to stand down since the release of the recordings. He thinks that the only way out of this mess for the party would be to officially ask Trump to quit the race and elect someone deserving and who possesses strong leadership qualities.

Whatever turn this mess takes, though, the question everyone seems to be currently asking is if Trump is finally over. Even if that isn’t the case, his campaign has taken a very damaging blow. It will take some serious strategizing on their part to find a way to wade out of this mess.