Russia announces Syria ceasefire


Syrian flag

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that there will be a ceasefire in the war torn country starting at midnight on Thursday. The promise comes as parties have agreed to start a period of negotiation over the future of the war ravaged nation.


It is believed that it only counts in the war between Syrian government forces and the rebel forces. Their fronts against ISIS will still fight them. This will now be the third attempt at a ceasefire this year, after two previous failed attempts. It is believed that improving relations between Russia and Turkey have brought all sides to the table in order to find a lasting resolution.


Whilst Turkey would still like the removal of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, it seems that lasting peace in the country is the more favourable outcome. This will be a huge blow for the many who would like to see the President taken to task over the many potential human rights violations that have taken place in the country. It is now significantly less likely that he will be removed. At least not in a way that involves him seeing justice handed down to him. Russia have been significantly behind the controversial President, who is said to be a keen ally to Russia.


This whole process has left the US out in the cold. They had backed the Free Syrian Army rebel group by providing arms and support. This ceasefire deal struck without them shows that US foreign policy is not as well received in the Middle east as it once was. It appears that this is not by mistake, as Russia eagerly anticipates the inauguration of Donald Trump as President. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has noted that the US will be involved once Trump is in office. Washington only provided a short comment on the ceasefire noting that the news was “positive”.


How this will play out with the United nations will be interesting. They have been vocal against the Syrian and Russian regimes, especially in the final days of war in East Aleppo, where out of character, the head of the UN Ban-Ki Moon announced that the UN had strong sources on the ground that stated that human rights violations were taking place. How they try to proceed given the fact that Russia are involved will certainly make interesting viewing.



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