Russia claims no communication with US


Reports from the Kremlin on Wednesday have stated that there are almost no communications channels between Russia and the United States. According to a report in Russia’s RIA news recently almost all communication has ceased with the US.

Though the Kremlin are hopeful of a fruitful future relationship with the US after incoming President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had noted something of an unusual admiration for each other. Putin is known to not be a fan of current US President Barack Obama, as the two men are opposed on most issues, and have rarely spoken at length during their service to their countries.

The odd coupling with Trump and Putin has only been emboldened by the revelations that Russian hackers had helped Trump win the election by hacking Democratic servers to reveal revelations about the party. Whether those hackers were state sponsored is unknown, though cyber experts have claimed that the attack did bear the hallmarks of being state sponsored. With the two men being much closer aligned politically it’s highly likely that political tensions will thaw somewhat between the two nations.

The recent talks that were aimed at dealing with the Syrian crisis had notably cut the US out of them in what seemed to be a highly politicised move by Russia.

Though the US has vehemently denied the claims, stating that the two superpowers military commands are often in communication, in order to prevent incidences of them accidentally firing at each other in air missions in Syria. It is also understood that US Secretary of State John Kerry is regularly in talks with Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

It is believed that the reports are yet another Russian attempt to undermine the US on the world stage, the two countries have had frost relations for many decades as a result of their relative size and military powers. They also stand on opposite sides of many current conflicts as well as recent ones. Most notable is the current stand off in Syria, where Russia has backed the Syrian government forces, and the US backed the rebellion. It seems that on this particular occasion that the US has backed the loser, though that may only be the battle as they go on to seek justice against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The Americans have on several occasions voiced their feelings that the President should be removed for Syria to start to repair but the Russians have rejected this.

It will be interesting to see if the unlikely pairing of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump could potentially begin to repair the fractured relationship. Out of all of the negatives that have been put forward for a Trump presidency, healing a rift with Russia could actually do some good.

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