Schumer Calls Out On Trump For His Ridiculous Wall And It’s EPIC


Democratic Senator and lawmaker Chuck Schumer just declared that he won’t support the wall Trump wants to create. He expressed contempt towards what the wall will stand for. At the New York Global Citizen Festival, he declared:

“We are going to continue to have the Statue of Liberty to be our symbol, not that damned wall.”

Schumer wants the Statue of Liberty to continue representing what America stands for, or what it should stand for in his opinion, and in the opinion of every democrat, and anybody with some humanity.

Schumer used the Saturday Festival at New York as a platform to address the important subject of protection of foreign aid funding. Trump has already proposed a 30% cut to foreign assistance package for the 2018 budget.

Schumer stood in the middle of thousands of people in his home state and called for increased foreign aid budget and pointed out the progress the country has made in education and medicine so far. He appealed to the crowd’s emotions and conscience by saying:

“We welcome the world’s tired and poor and huddled masses to our shores. We are a stronger country when we pledge to fight disease and poverty, not only within our borders but beyond them.”

He said that America should be about peace within and outside the country and work hand in hand with foreign guests. He also pointed out how that won’t in any way be just an act of chivalry to the rest of the world, but in fact, America needs foreign aid. He said:

“I was shocked, outraged when the White House proposed major cuts to the international affairs budget this year. Foreign aid has improved countless lives in every corner of the world.”

Schumer also spoke up against the Republicans’ attempt to repeal Obamacare. He said that in order to protect the healthcare of millions of American citizens, Trumpcare must be crushed. Earlier this week he had tweeted that “more than 8 million children should not be hostage to #Trumpcare.”

Way to go Senator Schumer, may the Democrats win this time, may humanity win.


Image Courtesy: Getty Images