South Korea backs Trump tweet


south korea


South Korea has noted that they believe that President elect Donald Trump is aware of the “urgency” surrounding the countries issues with its neighbour. The South Koreans have been involved in military exercises of late with the Americans, this has angered the North in to threatening more tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the near future.


The country is hopeful after a tweet from the President elect claimed that the test “won’t happen”. It has also come to light that the President elect has been briefed on the current state of play with the secretive state. They note that they believe Trump’s tweet was a clear warning of Trump’s intent to keep up the pressure and sanctions against the state.


Though yet to outline any solid policy against North Korea, Trump’s spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway noted on “Good morning America” that Trump was essentially putting North Korea “On notice”. Trump has previously stated that given the chance he would be willing to open diplomatic channels with the reclusive leader Kim Jong Un. All hope of a diplomatic resolution thus far has been ignored by the North, as they’ve yet to constructively come to the table and offer any alternatives to their regime of nuclear proliferation and testing of weapons.


“He as president of the United States wants to stand between them and their missile capabilities, which experts say could be deployed to reach Seattle almost immediately,” said Conway. She also noted that there would be no official policy released until after his inauguration on the 20th of january.


Trump’s handling of international diplomacy has so far looked shaky at best. In a recent opinion poll less than half of those surveyed believed in his ability to deal with international issues. Indeed with recent digs at China and North Korea it would seem that Trump is not handling the pressures of international diplomacy well. How this will change once he has a group of advisors around him is unknown, but many will hope that it improves significantly.


On the campaign trail Trump made many statements that may come back to haunt him once on the international stage, though it will test his skills as a negotiator as to whether he can still operate efficiently without having to back down on the things said previously. If one thing is for sure, his advisors are going to have a tough time stopping a man who says exactly what he thinks.

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