Space x test flight successful




The private space exploration firm backed by Paypal founder Elon Musk has successfully returned to flight. The company had halted missions after its last test flight failed to land and exploded causing extremely expensive damage to equipment and the company’s reputation.


The company had sent this flight in to space to deploy ten satellites for Iridium communications. The successful launch from Vandenburg air base in California will be a huge relief to the company. As planned the rocket returned to the base, this is a key part of the SpaceX mission. Re-using the equipment will significantly cut down on the cost of the flights. It also cuts down on the time required between flights.

The company had been forced to redesign the rockets after the unsuccessful previous attempt. On the last occasion the company lost its rocket and £200 million worth of Israeli satellite equipment that was due to be deployed. This set the company’s ambitions back significantly. The company had hoped to start sending astronauts to space next year, but it is unknown if the incident had changed that. It also plans a mission to mars.


It certainly appears that the project is back on track, the successful launch and deployment led to the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk taking to Twitter to confirm the success. He had been somewhat criticised for the aggressive pace at which the project had taken shape. But it appears that the set back was just a fairly understandable stumbling block.


The project is the brain child of super entrepreneur Elon Musk. The South African born Canadian entrepreneur has his fingers in most of the technology worlds’ pies. As one of the main men behind Paypal the incomprehensible payment giant, Tesla motors the hugely successful hybrid motor company and now SpaceX, he appears to be a man with the world at his feet. Though SpaceX is by far his biggest undertaking. With NASA having budgets sliced, America was without missions to space. This is where Musk sensed an amazing business opportunity.


Musk is a visionary like no other, and many wouldn’t dare bet against him taking SpaceX to the moon. His next projects also include Hyperloop a futuristic underground transport system straight out of SciFi. This idea has also been widely accepted as the future of metropolitan transport as it is planned to be able to travel at 800mph! But compared to SpaceX that seems like small fry.





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