Storms batter the UK




Travel plans have been disrupted for many people in the west of England and Wales due to powerful and violent storms currently battering the UK. Passengers have been advised to avoid travel to the west country and Wales. This comes from local travel companies that operate in the affected areas.

Off the coast a stranded Stena ferry is still struggling in the Irish sea after several unsuccessful attempts at docking in Fishguard on the coast of Wales. The ship, carrying almost 100 passengers was expected to originally arrive at just after midday on monday. This is the second ship struggling with the stormy weather out at sea, after 11 crewmen had to be rescued from a cargo ship off of the coast of Kent in the east of England, after crashing into a barge.

Much of the devastation has been caused by heavy rainfall, and many roads in the west have been closed due to heavy bouts of flash flooding. The Environment agency has issued numerous weather warnings up and down the country. For local information please check their website at

The wintery storm is expected to continue into tuesday and possibly further into the week. This is expected to cause continuing chaos most extensively in the west country with a significant number of schools being closed, and travel links being heavily disrupted.

As well as the travel chaos power cuts have affected more than 1000 homes thus far in Devon are potentially not the last ones, as companies sure up their weather defences against the inclement weather, and potential flash floods.

The west isn’t alone though, and some areas in the north such as Yorkshire have also suffered from extensive flash flooding and road closures, also due to extremely high rainfall in the area. This has lead to flood warnings being in place in many areas of Yorkshire and the north of England.

One united-kingdom-1332946_640.pngof the worst affected parts of the travel network are the train lines between London and Cardiff. These trains have been cancelled, but please check with your rail company for up to the minute information regarding your journey.

You can visit Great Western railways website for up to the minute travel news related to their train delays and cancelleations at

Also for traffic information in England you can try the highways agency at who provide up to the minute travel information for across all of Englands major roads.




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