The Team


Holly Lee

Editor-in-Chief and CEO

Holly considers herself an uppity Southern woman and the only sane person left in the swamps of South Georgia. She has all her teeth and knows how to spell fairly well. She graduated high school and has some college learnin’. She is a wife to a man that ain’t her cousin, mother of one human child, mother to one furry American Bully, and also your typical everyday Wonder Woman. When she hangs up her cape, you can find her curled up in her office sewing while gossiping, writing, playing World of Warcraft, or practicing banjo in hopes of being the greatest at pickin’ and a grinnin’. You can follow her on Facebook to see what she is up to.


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Jing Attiig: Jing Attiig is an Ordained Taoist Monk, Abbot and Head Teacher at The Heart Of The Tao: Monastery Of Self Mastery. He is a British Expat currently living in Western Australia, a self-published author, father and professional freelance writer. He spends his spare time teaching Kung Fu, Meditation, Chi Gung and Tai Chi as well as other practises involved in the ancient science of Spiritual Enlightenment. He also likes video games and English tea.


Joseph Thornton: Joseph Thornton is a 33 year old writer from London. Specializing in article and blog writing. He enjoys politics and sports, he also runs his own blog from his website, whilst also working in the private sector. He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and 2 year old son.


Levan Joyce: Levan Joyce is a freelance writer from the UK currently carrying out his life ambition of travelling the world. Taking advantage of his lack of permanent location, Levan sets to tick as many countries and life experiences as he can. After finding his love for writing, he hopes to set up a paramount of high quality pieces which may influence and inspire as many as possible. Find him on twitter @TheLevanJoyce.