The Trial of Stephen Port: Police Allegedly Took Planted Suicide Note at Face Value


A former male escort, 41-year-old Stephen Port, stands currently accused of murdering four men by drugging them in East London.


One of his alleged victims, Daniel Whitworth, 21, was apparently found with a suicide note which police seemed to have taken at face value. The prosecution argued that the note was Port’s attempt to make the police blame Daniel for his previous victim’s, 22-year-old Gabriel Kovari’s, murder. The murders of two others of his alleged victims were treated as alleged drug overdose.
Port seems to have a fetish for having sex with unconscious young men, whom he allegedly drugged for his own sexual gratification. Because of the note that was found on him, Daniel Whitworth was believed to have overdosed himself on the date-rape drug-GHB- after accidentally killing Kovari by injecting him with the drug during sex. The same dog-walker who had discovered Kovari’s body found Whitworth propped up in the same position three weeks later. A note was planted on Whitworth to give the impression that he had killed himself out of remorse and to make sure the police did not suspect Port. The prosecution believes that Port was being wickedly manipulative while doing so because the police did not go on to investigate Daniel’s movements the night before or try to find who he had been with.




Port’s first victim was a young fashion student and male-escort of 23, Anthony Walgate, whose body was found outside the entrance to the flat that belongs to Port. The death’s cause then too was date-rape drug overdose.
Port then gave conflicting statements as witness accounts and was held back for a period of 8 months for obstructing investigation.
Right now, Port stands accused of at least 29 offenses committed against 12 men, including rapes, sexual assaults, murders and administration of intoxicating substances with intent to harm.
After the death of Kovari at his own hands, the prosecution argues, Port seemed to have realised the harm he could cause. But that realisation didn’t stop him from repeating the same thing with his other victims.
With the case continuing, Port’s fate is still undecided. But the prospect does look grim.