Train derails in New York


New York train station


A train has derailed inside in Atlantic terminal in Brooklyn New York. Emergency services quickly arrived on the scene. It is believed that over 100 people have been injured in the crash, that will once again bring in to focus safety in the New York transport system. Of those injured it is believed that none are serious with only a small percentage going to hospital.


The crash is the second rail crash in the last four months after a New Jersey train crashed in to a terminal in Hoboken. That incident led to the death of one woman and the injury of a further 114 people. Though the crash in Hoboken happened when the train was approaching at a much faster speed and did significantly more damage to the train and its occupants.


This train was on its route from Far Rockaway in Queens when it failed to stop in time. It was stopped by a bump block whilst travelling at low speed. The front two cars of the train have been severely damaged. As the train was only travelling at between 10 and 15 miles an hour, it appears that the likelihood for loss of life is low. Only a few from the 100 have actually been sent to hospital for further treatment.


Tom Prendergast, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has suggested that the accident is likely due to human error rather than any outside issue. He suggested that at such a slow speed the engineer was in control of stopping the train. “At that speed, it’s pretty much the locomotive engineer’s responsibility to stop the train,” Prendergast said.


The authority was working hard to try and reopen the terminal in time for the evening’s rush hour. The terminal is one of New York’s busiest, and any delay is likely to cause major inconvenience to the travelling public.


Though it is likely that there will be severe disruption. This may last for some time as investigators begin to try and piece together the last moments before the collision. If it is indeed the engineer’s fault then there is likely to be an investigation in to why there is no alternative system in place to prevent such an error from occurring.




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