Truck attacker kills 4 in Jerusalem




A Palestinian has killed four soldiers in a deadly truck attack, and injured a further 17 people. The truck attack came as Jerusalem is at high tensions over further delays to a solution between Israel and Palestine. It also came after an Israeli soldier was charged for manslaughter for the killing of a Palestinian who was injured.


President Benjamin Netanyahu visited the site, and whilst there discussed the possibility that the attacker was a supporter of the terrorist group Islamic state. Though it isn’t understood where this evidence was gained from, and the Prime minster offered no concrete proof. There has also been no claim of responsibility from the terrorist group. Although the group has claimed responsibility for similar recent attacks in Europe. The use of vehicles has been a new tactic in the attacks by the group.


The city of Jerusalem is regarded by both Israel and Palestine as their respective capital cities. The city is of high religious regard. It is also the city in which President elect Donald Trump has promised to relocate the American embassy in Israel to. The call has come as a big plus to many Israeli’s, who after America failed to veto a UN resolution against the country, will be looking forward to a significantly more supportive President in the White house once he’s inaugurated. Though it is likely that the act will only further inflame tensions, with Palestinian’s seeing that it is clear that the American’s support them.


In recent days Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas invited President elect Trump to visit the west bank, and to rethink the policy of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. He claimed that the proposal to move the embassy was a “red line” but warned against the use of violence in stating his government did not support terrorism.


Attacks from Palestinians on Israelis is hardly a new phenomenon, knife attacks happen with alarming regularity but this is the first of this style of attack, and many will hope the last. Hamas in recent days had called for action against Israeli’s after the shooting by the Israeli soldier on a wounded Palestinian, but had further inflamed tensions by hailing the act as “heroic”. Comments like these will only add fuel to the long running fire, and the world once more looks on as the two countries head back to hostilities.

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