Trump acknowledges Russian hacking role


Drawn Trump


According to an aide close to Donald Trump, the President elect accepts the conclusion of the American intelligence community that Russia did hack the Democratic National Committee’s servers. Reince Preibus said that Mr Trump agreed that the attacks came from Russia.


Whilst Trump now accepts the findings of the intelligence community, he has not publicly at least, acknowledged that the hack was intended to help him sweep to victory in the unpredictable election. He has so far distanced himself from the thought that he was assisted by the hack and that the hack was indeed directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


It is unknown if he indeed intends to carry out any reaction against the country. His predecessor Barack Obama dismissed 35 diplomats from the country in response to the attacks. Trump takes a softer line towards Russia, and is also trying to foster a greater relationship between the two countries. The two men have had something of an odd relationship up to this point, offering mutual compliments. Trump has been especially supportive of Putin’s qualities as a leader.


After the original allegations came out, Trump denied that the hacking was directed from Russia, insisting that there was a lack of evidence. He certainly denied that he had gained any sort of electoral advantage from the hacking. It appears now that Trump has bowed to pressure from the rest of the Republican party to accept the findings and move on before his inauguration on January the 20th. It’s thought that continuing down the denial path would have done Trump more harm than good. He has already been soundly criticised in the American news media, and has been portrayed as an assistant to Putin.


Whilst Trump has sent out his aides to speak on the subject, his personal silence is deafening. Trump has been receiving intelligence briefings on the subject. These briefings are said to have confirmed the intelligence community suspicions on where the hacks originated from. Trump had taken to Twitter to deny any rift with the intelligence community, insisting that he was a big fan. He had needed to settle the rumours, and had once again leveraged the social media platform to try and allay any fears. Though his actions afterwards may indeed indicate his personal beliefs may actually differ. He needs to bury the situation as soon as possible, before it takes over at least the first part of his presidency.





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