Trump argues with Local union President over Carrier deal




Local union chief Chuck Jones has refused to back down to President elect Donald Trump. In an interview the President of the United steelworkers local branch had stated that Trump had vastly overblown his position and inflated the numbers of jobs saved in order to benefit himself. Trump, according to Jones had discussed a number of 1,100 jobs saved by the Carrier Corp in Indianapolis. Mr Trump even held a press conference there and had once again stated the incorrect number. Mr Jones asserts that actual number of jobs saved is 800, and that still some 550 jobs will be moved from the plant to a new facility in Mexico.

The news has once again brought Mr Trump out swinging. Once again taking to Twitter to voice his displeasure at yet another person who had dared to challenge him. Trump had named the union chief in tweets and described how Mr Jones “has done a terrible job representing workers”. Mr Jones appears unfazed by Trump’s outburst, and had spoken of his amusement to the reaction in further interviews with the media.

It appears that Mr Trump and his soon to be vice President Mike Pence had taken credit for the victory. With Mr Pence being the governor of Indiana, the saving of local jobs would certainly have done his local credibility no harm. But Mr Jones asserts that his union has been locked in a lengthy battle with the company over trying to save the jobs, but that the company had already made their mind up. He has suggested that the company had offered to keep the staff on, but only if they’d accepted wages of less than the American minimum wage.

Mr Jones has asserted that Mr Trump and Mr Pence had given false hope to the families of the workers of the company, and that he believes that they’ve wrongly taken credit for a deal that had little to do with them. This case also once again displays the President elects willingness to take to Twitter to react to almost any criticism of him. Media commentators have gone to great lengths in recent days to try and reason with Mr Trump, and accuse him of being thinned skinned. One thing is for certain, his timeline will be very busy if he reacts to every single criticism of him over the length of his presidency.

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