Trump attacks civil rights legend


Drawn Trump


Donald Trump is once again in hot water over his use of the social media platform Twitter. Trump had taken to Twitter to lambast Democratic Representative John Lewis of Georgia. The President elect claimed that Mr Lewis would be better served helping his district, which he claimed was “Crime infested”.


The impromptu row broke out over Rep. Lewis’ comments regarding the legitamacy of Trump’s presidency due to the hacking of Democratic National Committee servers by Russian state sponsored hackers. He had also stated in the interview on an episode of “Meet the press” that he wasn’t going to be attending Trump’s inauguration.


The argument, which is at the beginning of the weekend before Martin Luther King day could hardly have been worse timed. Lewis is a noted civil rights campaigner. This will once again highlight Trump’s issues with ethnic minorities. He polled the lowest numbers with ethnic minorities by any president for the last 40 years. This was in no part due to his use of divisive tactics with regards to race in his successful campaign.


Lewis has been a leading campaigner of civil rights for many years, even as far back as 1965 when he was beaten by police whilst protesting alongside Martin Luther King. Trump tweeted that Lewis was “All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!”. It is likely to bring the President elect under further scrutiny for his seeming lack of a thick skin, and being reactionary. It certainly will not help his popularity within the communities that Lewis represents. It certainly isn’t the unity stance that Trump had indicated that he was going to work towards after he won the election.


The latest outburst has also drawn criticism from several of his republican colleagues. With some claiming that Trump’s tweets were “unfortunate”. Trump will come under significant pressure this week as several demonstrations have been planned for the week of his inauguration. Another notable civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton had led a protest march against Trump on Saturday that was attended by 2000 people.


Trump has so far become one of history’s most infamous President elect’s. Never in recent history has the election of a President been so widely condemned. With protests from the day after his election right up until his inauguration and likely beyond. The Trump presidency threatens to be full of bumps rather than the smooth road he would have looked forward to.


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