Trump buoyed by investment pledge



Japanese business tycoon Masayoshi Son has said that after meeting President elect Donald Trump, that he intends to invest $50m dollars in to the US creating 50,000 jobs. The SoftBank CEO was in town to meet the President elect, and was noted as saying that “I just came to celebrate his new job”, after his meeting at Trump tower in New York.


Son is the founder and CEO of SoftBank, one of Japan’s largest technology companies, which operates Sprint a mobile network in the US. It also operated ARM holdings here in the UK, which innovates technology for smartphones and tablets.


This is further proof that Trump is making ad-hoc deals behind the scenes before even going in to power, what he’s promised is unknown, as is also his capability of implementing any deals once he’s actually in power. He’s also interjected himself in to other potential business dealings, by claiming that he’d changed Ford’s mind on moving a factory, and also taking credit for keeping Carrier in the US, potentially saving 800 jobs whilst giving a press conference at the factory itself.


Though he’s also come under fire for trying to blow up a government deal with US plane builder Boeing, over a new 747 being fitted out as a replacement to Air force one. Talking to twitter once again to lambast the deal, and suggesting that it should be cancelled due to over running on cost. How this will play could be awkward as the company is at the forefront of US business interests and is a major player in defense deals for the US.


It’s certainly clear that Mr Trump is keen to trade on his business tycoon image, and it appears that it may actually gaining some traction. As these deals are all verbal, putting them into practice may become hard once he actually has to pay out on his end of the bargain. It’s also unclear as to whether Trump actually did much to install the change at Ford, as many insiders have claimed that Ford themselves had already decided against moving, and that Trump may have tried to jump in on the glory. It all remains to be seen as to whether he can influence politicians in the same vein as he apparently can in the business world.


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