Trump claims no proof of Russian hacking influencing election


Drawn Trump


A spokesman for President elect Donald Trump has claimed that there’s no proof that Russian hackers had influenced the result of the Presidential election. “There is zero evidence that they influenced the election,” Sean Spicer said. Spicer is Trump’s chief strategist and a close confidant of the President elect. It is believed that he will become the media handler for Trump once he enters the White house. It seems that Mr Spicer has taken to this role early by trying to counter the constant speculation surrounding the hacking claims and their effect on the election.


In recent weeks outgoing President Barack Obama has expelled 35 Russian diplomats and sanctioned two intelligence agencies over the hacking claims. It isn’t known whether the claims that arose from the hacking did indeed make any difference to the result. But the claims were certainly aimed at Trump’s opponent Hilary Clinton.


Trump has been at pains to play the down the suggestion that the hacking assisted his win, as he tries to improve the tenuous relationship that is currently strained between Russia and the US. In recent times the relationship between the President elect and his Russian counterpart has been up and down. Whilst there has been a lot of back patting between the two men, there has also been the contentious issue of nuclear proliferation. Whilst the rest of the world has been keen to reduce the number of weapons that are being produced. Though Putin had threatened to produce a new nuclear weapon system that would be able to penetrate the defence system that is currently being put in to place by the US. In retaliation Trump threatened to also increase proliferation in the US. It is this to and fro between the two men which have people worried. Both men are prone to rash decisions, and with their fingers on the buttons of the world’s strongest nuclear weapons there is plenty to worry about.


A Gallup poll has noted that less than half of the American’s polled believed that Trump could handle an international crisis if it arose. This will be a worry, as it is the lowest poll result in recent times, and is yet another show that the President elect doesn’t have quite the support that he claims. He has been nailed in the media for his lack of President like qualities, but this is the first poll that has questioned his competency on such a key issue.


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