Trump hires counsel



President elect Donald Trump has added another new face to his team, Donald McGahn as counsel to the white house. The former chairman of the federal election commission, had been Trumps chief counsel to Trump’s successful presidential campaign. Though it may seem strange, as Trump has consistently stated that he wanted to remove lifelong bureaucrats. As McGahn would appear to be. Though it must be noted that McGahn was one of the few republicans who openly took to Mr Trump, this may be seen as a further attempt to heal the rifts within the party.

McGahn’s legal expertise may prove extremely useful to Trump as he tries to untangle himself from potential conflicts of interest in regards to his business outside of the white house. Indeed many think that he should quit his external business altogether, at least whilst he holds the keys to the oval office.

The position of counsel was apparently discussed during the meeting between Trump and outgoing president Barack Obama. Who described to Trump just how important the role was.

This follows weeks of meetings in which Trump has been putting together his staff roster for when he takes over as president at his inauguration on January the 20th. These meetings continue, as Trump tries to settle the remaining positions in his cabinet. The futures of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are still uncertain as it seems that they’re locked in a battle for the vacant secretary of state role. Many hope that he goes for Romney, it would certainly be a good symbol for the republicans. As any rifts may only cause more problems once Trump is in power.

There have been some contentious issues in Trumps selections so far, as he’s called on some controversial characters including Jeff Sessions as attorney general, who’s verbal history with regards to race will worry some due to the nature of the role that he takes on. Also Michael Flynn as national security adviser, who’s descriptions of Islam also worry many. Now to add to the problem, Trump is trying to work around anti-nepotism laws in order to employ his son in law Jared Kushner in a white house role.

It’s hoped that McGahn can be the voice of reason for Mr Trump, as perhaps due to his election campaigning, and his lack of experience in high level politics he may need all the counsel he can get.

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