Trump insists Mexico will repay US for wall




US President elect Donald Trump has said that Mexico will repay the US for any US funds spent erecting the much vaunted wall that was such an important basis of so much of his campaigning against immigration during his successful presidential election.


Trump, who in an interview with the New York Times conceded that this would most likely be part of a renegotiated free trade agreement known as the North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement which is between Canada, Mexico and the United states.


Sean Spicer who acts as a spokesman for Mr Trump. Noted that it shouldn’t be a surprise that they were going through the process, as it had been such a major part of the campaign. Though officials in Mexico have been resolute in agreeing that they will play no part in any such wall and will certainly not pay for it.


There is significant opposition to the ideas even in the US, as it is a large investment with little research, and is unlikely to actually deal with the issues of migration to the United states. Many insist that there are many better ways to deal with the issues such as tightening the ability for illegal immigrants to work by targeting the industries that are known to attract high levels of migrant workers. There has also been weight put behind the idea of removing benefits that are available to illegal immigrants.

Trump took to Twitter “It’s an easy decision for Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion to ensure that $24 billion (in remittances) continues to flow into their country year after year,” the memo said. “We have the leverage, so Mexico will back down,”. So far Mexico have continued to decline to make any further comments on the proposed wall.


Estimates for building the wall would run in to tens of billions, an estimate for expanding the current fencing was over $11 billion. A wall would be likely to cost significantly more and is seen as a vanity project by the controversial President elect. It would be similar to the system implemented in Israel, which enforces its strict border with Palestine with the use of walls and fences. This practice has been highly criticised, even though Palestinians do try to attack Israel across the border. The US doesn’t have such a problem with Mexico, and it is likely that the proposed wall would spark international disapproval.


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