Trump losing to Hillary in Polls calls the election ‘rigged’


Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been trailing behind the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the polls for over a week now.

The Trump campaign had been hit with a series of allegations where women accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting them. The allegations came to light after Trump defended his statements from a tape from 2005, in which claimed that he grabbed women by the genitals and got away with it because of his stardom.

In the second presidential debate Trump defended the remarks as just words and not actions. He had apologised for them in a statement after the video was initially released.

The allegations and controversy has not helped Trump’s chances of becoming the next resident of the white house next January. Clinton led him by 14 points in a poll released on the 10th of October.

In response to the polls Trump has accused the election as having been ‘rigged’ at the polling places. His surrogate former New York City mayor Rudy Gillani defended the claims saying that the democratic presence in inner city areas in states such as Philadelphia and Chicago made ‘cheating’ easy for them.

Trump’s Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence broke with this rhetoric however, when he claimed that Trump would ‘absolutely’ accept the election results in spite of the obvious ‘biases in the media.

Trump accused the media in a series of tweets of spreading lies; he was referring to the reporting of the accusations of sexual assault against himself. He said that media’s constant reporting had lead to him losing women’s votes. He has denied the allegations and insisted that women are ‘horrible liars’ and are part of the ‘Clinton machine’.

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine called Trump’s allegations of the election being rigged as products of Trump’s imagination. He said that Trump was making such claims because he was losing in the polls. He also denied any involvement of the Clinton campaign behind the women making accusations at Trump.

The republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, expressed his disagreement with Trump’s remarks. He said that he was ‘fully confident’ about the election results, stating that democracy in the United States functioned due to the trust of the people in the election results.